Versus (Nov 2004)

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Subject:Video Art: Foundation 1
Running Time:5:20 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 360 x 200
File Size: 17.5MB
Audio: stereo, 44.1kHz
Programs Used:

The final assignment in the Video Art: Foundation 1 subject. Simply put we had total creative freedom in what we wanted to do. I wanted to shoot a simple fight scene to prove to myself that I can do it. The fight scenes in Dark Blood weren't shot the best because of lack of time and planning, so I took a complete different approach to this assignment. I actually storyboarded the entire scene before shooting. One camera was used and of course it started running low on battery towards the end. I think the video speaks for itself, its just a little one on one hand to hand fight scene. I always aimed for the end to leave the viewer wanting more. I know this is achieved as I tease that there is more to come. I actually had to learn to do the special effects myself and did them all in one night. The whole project took 3 days non-stop hard work. I am never doing that again to myself. I edited the scene before choosing music which later caused problems in choosing music. Once again it is not original music even though I would have loved to create my own music for it. Everything is credited in the video.

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