Stereo Recording (May 2004)

Subject:Music Technology 1
Running Time:2:34min
File Size: 2.36MB
Audio: stereo, 44.1kHz
Programs Used:

A band recorded with the ORTF stereo recording microphone technique directly onto Digital Audio Tape (DAT). The ORTF near-coincident pair technique requires 2 cardiod pattern microphones to be positioned with 170mm between the microphone diaphragms and 135 degrees between the rear of the microphones. It leaves no room for adjustment and actually picks up a very wide angle, which can be heard in this recording. The drum kit was placed approximately 4 metres from the mircophones, directly infront of the pair. You can actually hear the stereo image of the drums with this simple miking technique. The other instruments were placed around the stage and I am sure that whoever listens to this can pick them out in the stereo image.

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