Never Hold Us Down (Nov 2005)

Subject:Music Technology 4
Running Time:6:58 min
File Size: 6.38MB
Audio: stereo, 44.1kHz
Programs Used:

Final recording assignment for Music Technology 4. It was recorded and sequenced in Pro Tools after a guide track of instruments was created in Fruity Loops. Individual hits of the various drum pieces were recorded and the best ones were then sequenced and arranged within Pro Tools. The guide tracks were also recorded with real instruments and then arranged within Pro Tools. The vocals were recorded in Adobe Audition. The reasoning behind the whispers spurs from the resurgance of personal listening devices (MP3 players etc). Many people now listen to their music through headphones which creates a more intimate listening experience. To fully appreciate this work, one must listen through headphones, otherwise alot of the vocals and subtle elements will be lost.

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