Narrative (Aug 2004)

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Subject:Video Art: Foundation 1
Running Time:1:37 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 320 x 240
File Size: 5.62MB
Audio: mono, 32kHz
Programs Used:

This is one of my first video assignments. We were basically told one thing - narrative. I had already shot some footage of my cousin Luke juggling the soccerball the week before, so decided to add to it. The game footage is in fact his grand final which I expected them to win to continue with the narrative of dreams progressing to real life. When they lost, I had to change the narrative and some people in my class actually stated that it was better this way! Being one of the first video works of mine, the music is not original. The music is in fact from Rocky and works well with the footage.

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