Max/MSP Patch Output (Nov 2005)

Subject:Music Technology 4
Running Time:8:17min
File Size: 7.58MB
Audio: stereo, 44.1kHz
Programs Used:

The output of my Max/MSP patch which was also performed live for my final assessment. The entire patch was created in Cycling '74's Max/MSP. The brief for the assignment was to create a patch for a live performance using this software. It had to utilise the various aspects that were available to you within Max/MSP. This patch uses Max/MSP to create various synthesis techniques such as: additive, tremolo and FM synthesis. Other patches were also used to alter the vocals that were inputed via a microphone. Each synthesis technique had up to 12 different presets. When a key on the computer numpad was pressed a preset was randomly selected and played. The entire performance was done 'by ear' with no real structure to the whole thing except the vocals which were performed at set intervals. The vocals were also selected at random by the patch, but no vocal line is repeated.

(right click save as..) Max/MSP Output.mp3

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