Lost in Images (Nov 2005)

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Subject:Studio Arts 2
Running Time:10:26 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 320 x 240
File Size: 49.6MB
Audio: stereo, 32kHz
Programs Used:

This work stemmed from 'Final Process'. What resulted from 'Final Process' was the idea of Truth, Desire and Potential . It was an interesting concept that I wanted to explore a little more. I wanted to create something that would let the mind wander and go where it pleases. I did not want to lead the mind by the hand so to speak. It was free to go where it pleased. The use of out of focus shots are done purposely so the mind creates its own assumption of what it is looking at. The eye cannot completely focus on what is being shown, it is unknown what it actually is on screen, and so the mind creates its own images; much like it does when it stares at the clouds in the sky. I wanted to create a video work that went for a good length of time. Most of my work is usually short lengths, and I do a fair amount of montage work that is all quick cuts to popular music. For once, I wanted to do a slow work, with a slow soundtrack. The visuals and sound can get one into a trance like state, and so their mind will go where it pleases. This is the desired effect.

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