Final Process (Sept 2005)

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Subject:Studio Arts 2
Running Time:4:57 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 320 x 240
File Size: 5.15MB
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The first project for Studio Art 2. We were required to document our process. The assignment wasn't so much about the final outcome, more about how we got there. In reality, we were not to know what the final outcome was to be. The process would take us there. I brainstormed ideas that would work with this idea of process and again came to indeterminacy. I ended up arriving at the four elements: air, water, earth and fire. They can all be very unpredictable in nature. So in my mind, they were perfect for the whole 'not knowing where you will end up' idea. I then researched the PC game The Incredible Machine. It has some relevance in the sense that one action causes a reaction, cause and effect style. I wanted to achieve something like this. However the practicality of this was not really present. I attempted to incorporate all four elements on an activity board. Fire would be the main aspect and interact with other obstacles and objects. I tried to do a simple scene and I labelled it as a failure. However all was not lost as this was a part of the process. In the end I decided to only incorporate fire (and air since fire cannot exist without it). I created a scene with cotton string, with many different paths that the flame could take. There were many intersections, and I placed matches hoping that the flame would ignite them and change path. I also dropped some metholated spirits on the intersections to give the flame a helping hand. The video is the result. The video is 5 minutes, however the real process took approximately 2 hours. The footage is sped up 1500% approx.

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