Clouds (June 2005)

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Subject:Sonic Landscapes/Electronic Cinema 1
Running Time:6:26 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 320 x 240
File Size: 22MB
Audio: stereo, 32kHz
Programs Used:

The camera that I had been using to film all my works has an interval record feature within it. I had always wanted to utilise this feature and this assignment was the perfect opportunity to do so. And what better thing to record at intervals than the sky itself? I set the camera to record 2 seconds ever 2 minutes. I started recording around 9am and stopped recording at around 6pm when it got dark. The idea behind the video is the shapes and objects we see in the clouds. Sometimes you lay down and look up at the clouds and imagine all these things in the sky. This video plays on that idea. However as the video continues on, the things we see in the clouds get more and more outrageous and complex. It's just a little humour that I wanted to add to the video. The soundtrack is original.

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