Body (April 2005)

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Subject:Studio Arts 1
Running Time:4:19 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect Ratio: 320 x 240
File Size: 20MB
Audio: stereo, 32kHz
Programs Used:

I wanted to try doing a sort of machinima work. I am not sure if this fits into the category but nevertheless it is what it is. The assignment called for us to consider the body in the world. As is always the case the outlines given to us were very broad and open to our own interpretation. I started to scribble down ideas that would come to me concerning the body and its purpose or place in the world. What I ended up with was that the Body was temporary and the soul is forever. The Body is here for you to use as a tool to leave a legacy behind. I tried to convey this idea in the video using the Sims 2 engine. There is a narrative to the video. It is a soul or spirit looking from the outside in, viewing and judging people and their lives. It talks of leaving their body behind and now having no restrictions that the Body would otherwise place upon them. The video brings forth the idea that the Body is indeed temporary and the soul is forever. The music in this video is an original work. By this time I had come to the stage of creating my own soundtrack to my video works, that way I can safely say that the work is mine.

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