To explore the Void, one must first know what the Void is. The Void can be described as the lack of matter, the absence of everything or the presence of nothingness. However when travelling through the Void one may come across many emotions, desires, truths, pains and anything else that their respective mind allows at the time.

Since the Void can be described as a broad subject to explore, the question is which will be explored in this instance? Does one explore the Void within someone’s mind? Maybe their heart? The void of distance? Or perhaps the greatest void of all, space?

This work will attempt to touch on all of these possible Voids, for they can intertwine with one another. Even though the Void is in essence, nothing, within the Void many things can be found, felt or experienced.

The desired effect of this work is to take the viewer on a journey through space and the Void. On this journey they will encounter pictures and sounds that may spark a memory, a thought or an emotion within them. The viewer will be totally immersed in the journey through the Void with the images and sounds steering their mind in a desired direction.

Even though this work has a personal attachment to me, the desire is for it to spark a similar feeling within the viewer also. Many artists create work that reflects upon their feelings and desires, and surprisingly there are many individuals out there that can relate to what the artist is experiencing. Sometimes the human aspect within work is more powerful than a political or religious one.