Forest Battle

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Running Time:2:41 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect ratio: 360 x 200
Filesize: 14.2MB / 10.4MB
Audio: stereo 44.1kHz
Audio post-production specifics:

A very fun scene to work on. Adding in all the hits and swings from the hand-to-hand combat really enhanced the battle. Watching this scene without all the added sound FX really takes away from what is happening. Alot of the sounds and screams from the actors that was captured with the camera was kept to keep the fight authentic (and you really could not replicate it later in post and keep the same emotion). The music is from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie soundtrack (Shredder's Suite). It is different but I think it works well with the action happening on screen.
The tricky part of working on this scene was trying to get a balance between music and sound FX as I was mixing it. You wanted to hear the hits, but you wanted the music to pump through the speakers. It was a challenge but I am happy with how it turned out in the end.
Keep an eye out for me getting the only hit on the Jedi in the entire battle, but later paying for it with a nice kick in the chest that literally sent me flying (I was not acting that!).

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