Dream Sequence

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Running Time:49 sec
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect ratio: 360 x 200
Filesize: 4.56MB / 3.34MB
Audio: stereo 44.1kHz
Post-production specifics:

This is the only scene that I actually edited together. It is the dream sequence that the Warrior has as he is unconcious. The visuals are basically what has transpired in the film thus far. With the audio I added the increasing heartbeat and familiar sounds that would torment the Warrior in his dreams ie the baby crying and the Queen screaming as she was murdered.
I went quite crazy with the effects in this scene, in both the video and audio. I added a tonne of reverb and chorus effects to give that dreamy like sound. The video effects included an over-exposure of the whites, a radial type blur and removing most of the colour.
It really feels like you are in someone's tormented head when watching this scene, because of both the visuals and the audio aspects.

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