Warrior meets Davon Noor

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Running Time:1:33 min
Frames/sec: 25
Aspect ratio: 360 x 200
Filesize: 7.96MB / 6.16MB
Audio: stereo 44.1kHz
Audio post-production specifics:

The dialogue in this scene was re-recorded in post-production as recording during the shoot was near impossible with a lack of hardware available. The original script called for just a simple meeting between the two friends. However, I had an idea to make the scene seem more urgent. I added in sounds of riots and explosions and the like in the background as the two friends conversed. They are talking about how the King has gone mad and is killing everyone, so it made sense to actually have the audience hear all the commotion and violence in the background as these two Jedi met just outside of the castle grounds.
Basically, absolutely no sound whatsoever from the shoot was used here. Everything that you can hear was created in post-production. This is one of my favourite scenes, audio wise, and I am very happy how it turned out in the end.

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