Below are a number of audio projects I have completed. The biggest audio project I have completed to date is obviously Dark Blood, however the below projects are pure audio projects.

Never Hold Us Down (Nov 2005)

Final recording assignment for Music Technology 4. It was recorded and sequenced in Pro Tools.. more..

Stereo44.1kHz6:58 minright click, save as.. Never Hold Us Down.mp3 (6.38MB)

Max/MSP Patch Output (Nov 2005)

The output of my Max/MSP patch which was also performed live..more..

Stereo44.1kHz8:17 minright click, save as.. Max/MSP Output.mp3 (7.58MB)

Landscapes (June 2005)

The concept behind this assignment was 'landscapes'..more..

Stereo44.1kHz5:37 minright click, save as.. Landscapes.mp3 (5.15MB)

Final Broadcast (May 2005)

A short audio work which is supposed to represent a possible 'final broadcast'..more..

Stereo44.1kHz1:59 minright click, save as.. Final Broadcast.mp3 (2.28MB)

Synthesis (Oct 2004)

A short little audio work that includes various synthesis techniques..more..

Stereo44.1kHz3:16 minright click, save as.. Synthesis.mp3 (2.99MB)

MIDI Final (May 2004)

Final MIDI assignment that uses Absynth and General MIDI..more..

Stereo22kHz3:50 minright click, save as.. MIDI Final.mp3 (2.63MB)

Stereo Recording (May 2004)

A band recorded with the ORTF stereo recording microphone technique..more..

Stereo44.1kHz2:34 minright click, save as.. Stereo Recording.mp3 (2.36MB)